Meet Our New Deacons

We had the privilege of ordaining two men as deacons on 4/21/2013: David Hill and David Sweitzer.  Here's our understanding of the office of deacon, as expressed in our church constitution: "The office of deacon was ordained by the Apostles to enable the ministers of the Word to concentrate on the specific functions of their office; namely, preaching, teaching, counseling, and prayer (Acts 6:1-6; 20:20, 31; Eph. 4:11-13). Deacons are primarily responsible to administer the benevolent and business affairs of the church."

Here are our two new deacons, David Hill (left) and David Sweitzer (right):

Dave Hill & Dave Sweitzer Pic (404x612)


Here is David Hill and his family (David, daughters Holly and Ruthie, and wife Rhonda):

Hill Family Pic (671x603)


Here is David Sweitzer's family (David, daughter Abigail, wife Beth, sons Nathan and Joshua):

Sweitzer Family Pic (460x612)


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